About Us

Household Goods & Furniture freely offers various donated household items and furniture to help families in need to start a home.

It all started with a small notice in a public bulletin. The piece of paper was asking for household item donations so it could help a young family, who were fleeing from domestic violence, furnish their home. Unexpectedly, the kind requester, who is also the founder, received more than what she asked for. So, she decided to look for families in need and gave them items for free. That’s how Household Goods & Furniture started.

In the first year, the donations outgrew the founder’s free space, and this growth led to the need to settle in one place. For that reason, a good and spacious location was found where it was and is convenient for clients, donors, and volunteers to visit.

Household Goods & Furniture aims to help as many families or individuals with the community’s generosity. The people we help have one common ground — they are facing tough times, and they are in need. We help those who are:

  • Elderly or youth who are in need
  • Escaping domestic violence
  • Families who are trying to survive with minimum wage
  • Fire victims
  • Handicapped or ill
  • Homeless
  • Veterans