Your Unused Items can be Someone’s Everything

A typical household owns about 300,000 items, from extra pencils to mattresses. Do you think all those things are necessary? Most often, not! It can be tough to part with objects that have sentimental value and that needs practice. So, here are some useful tips for organizing or decluttering:

  1. Start with the basics. Try to open the drawer in your kitchen and take out all the stuff you really don’t need. Only put back the things you need. There! You’re actually decluttering.
  2. Spare some of your time. Try to declutter at least 10 minutes each day. You can start with your drawers and progress later on.
  3. Find a corner. If you want to declutter your room, pick a corner, then proceed clockwise until you’re finished organizing that room. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you’re making progress.
  4. Prepare a large box. Place items you don’t need in a large box, and when you think it’s full, check your items if they are eligible for donation, or you can take them to a thrift shop.
  5. Think of items you can no longer fix. If you’re keeping things that you can no longer fix, then part with them. Most often, people swear to fix their stuff, and years pass by, and they never do.

After applying all these tips, please consider donating some household items to Household Goods & Furniture. We appreciate your good deed very much!

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