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What’s the Wattage For Electric Stove?

Electric stoves are staples in modern kitchens. Frankly, that’s not surprising because it comes in handy. But as you admire your stove’s sleek design, a question pops into your head – how much electricity does this culinary marvel use? You are not the only one curious about the wattage for electric stoves.
To answer this question, we’ll explore what wattage means and how much your electric stove consumes.
What Does Wattage Mean?
Electricity is the invisible magic that powers up our …


We Welcome Community Teamwork!

We have invitations for workers who are from our kind referring agencies. They come for updates and tours on how to connect their clients with Household Goods & Goods.
One of our visitors wrote:
“We thank everyone and appreciate the time spent to meet us! We are fortunate to work with non-profit organizations, such as Household Goods & Furnitures. We are also delighted to see our clients relieved of their great ordeals in life.”
“We will always be grateful for the work done by such organizations, and our minds are blown thinking of the volunteers who work hard to keep this great work running…


Your Unused Items can be Someone’s Everything

A typical household owns about 300,000 items, from extra pencils to mattresses. Do you think all those things are necessary? Most often, not! It can be tough to part with objects that have sentimental value and that needs practice. So, here are some useful tips for organizing or decluttering:

Start with the basics. Try to open the drawer in your kitchen and take out all the stuff you really don’t need. Only put back the things you need. There! You’re actually decluttering.
Spare some of your time. Try to declutter at least 10 minutes each day. You can start with your …


We’ve Got a New Truck!

We are happy to share the news of our new pick up and delivery truck! With grants, we could replace our old vehicle with a newer, safer, and less costly truck.
Our goal is to furnish at least 2,000 homes in a year with more than 50,000 donated household items and furniture. Our new truck plays a major role in supplying chains as it is utilized to get or pick up donations from our partners.
Moreover, we use the truck to accept bulk donations from dorms and hotels. During spring, our volunteers spend about ten days collecting household items from dorms. The truck then transports all the needed items to Household Goods & …