Here are some frequently asked questions from our donors:

Q: What is Household Goods and Furniture?

A: Household Goods and Furniture is a non-profit organization that helps individuals and families in need furnish their homes.

Q: What items can we offer?

A: Most often, our clients are facing such difficult times and don’t have even anything to lie their heads on. The items we need the most are bed frames, mattresses, bureaus, chairs, dining/kitchen tables, dishes, blankets, towels, sheets, pans, pots, small appliances, and lamps. Anything that can help furnish a home except for toys, clothing, and food are accepted.

Q: Do you accept financial support?

A: Yes! We do need financial support to keep the organization running and help the community in need.

Q: How can I help Household Goods & Furniture?

A: You can help us in several ways. You can offer a monetary donation, household item donations, or volunteer your time for Household Goods & Furniture donation programs and campaigns.

Q: Do you provide tax receipts?

A: Yes, we provide tax receipts for items brought to us or even items we pick up in your place.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Please click here to know the details.

Q: How to donate my items?

A: You can either bring your goods at our location or arrange to have the items picked up in your desired location. Please click here for more details.

Q: What are your standards for donated furniture?

A: The donated items should at least be functional and clean. We can’t take stained, torn, or broken items. Please refer to the list of items we accept and do not accept found on our donate page.