Donate Your Vehicle

A used car that is saleable can be donated to Household Goods & Furniture for a very good cause. So, please help us aid the families and individuals we serve. One hundred percent of the money we get from selling the vehicle you donate will help us furnish more homes for more families or individuals in great need. These include homeless families, abused individuals, senior citizens, veterans, and more.

How do you donate your van, truck, car, or any other vehicle?

If you own a vehicle that you’d want to offer to us freely, please click here to arrange the agreement. We have trustworthy and reliable men who can sell for you and will gladly donate a hundred percent of the sales to Household Goods & Furniture. You can arrange your vehicle to be towed or bring it to our dealership. We are glad to accept vans, cars, or trucks in any condition.

So, are you ready to give up your car for a cause? For more details, please click here to get more info about our contact. Our generous agent will assist you gladly, just let them know that you are donating to Household Goods & Furniture.